Safe, Easy, & Effective


A Convenient Alternative to Liquid Nitrogen

What is Verruca-Freeze?

Verruca-Freeze is a hand held aerosol canister that contains a proprietary, highly optimized formulation of refrigerated gases that medical professionals can use for cryosurgery and cryotherapy in an outpatient setting to freeze a lesion down to -70°C (-94°F). Verruca-Freeze is a convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional liquid nitrogen methods as it is designed for hand-held use and completely portable.

Verruca-Freeze offers the largest range of product sizes at the lowest cost per freeze of any portable cryosurgical system on the market.

There are two methods of application to treat lesions:

  • CryoCones are placed over the lesion, creating a seal, and the cryogen is sprayed directly onto the lesion.
  • CryoBuds are used like a swab, by first saturating the CryoBud then placing onto the lesion.

A 3-6 second spray, freezing for 20-40 seconds, makes it a quick, self-anesthetizing and easy procedure.

Treat 21 Common Benign Lesions

Verruca-Freeze is cleared to treat 21 of the most common benign skin lesions, including common warts, plantar warts, sun spots, and age spots. For a complete list of lesions that are cleared for treatment by Verruca-Freeze, view our Treatable Lesions. Here is a short selection of some of the most common treatable lesions:

  • Common Warts (Verruca Vulgaris)
  • Plantar Warts (Verruca Pedis)
  • Actinic Keratoses, or Sun Spots
  • Seborrheic Keratoses, or Age Spots
  • Achrochordon, or Skin Tags
  • Molluscum Contagiosum

Benefits of using Verruca-Freeze

  • Freezes at -70°C (-94°F)
  • Quick 1-2 Minute Procedure
  • Self-Anesthetizing for Minimal Patient Discomfort
  • No Expiration, No Evaporation
  • Bloodless and Odorless
  • Portable and Self-Contained
  • Non-Flammable
  • CFC Free, Non-Toxic, and Environmentally Friendly
  • Increased Office Revenue
  • And Lowest Cost per Freeze of all Portable Cryosurgical Devices!


See what our customers have to say about Verruca-Freeze!

“NASA uses Verruca-Freeze to treat a variety of skin lesions on our astronauts. It’s good stuff, it works great.”


W. T.

NASA, Houston, Texas

“The Mountain State University Physician Assistant Program has been incorporating Verruca Freeze into our curriculum for about four years now. Thanks to the generous donation of Verruca Freeze and the effectiveness of the product itself, we have been able to teach our students how to become competent providers in the art of lesion removal. This is a skill they will take with them for the remainder of their careers.”


Melissa Lily

PA-C Clinical Coordinator 2011 

“I have been using Verucca-Freeze for over 10 years. I find it to be a safe and effective product when used according to manufacturers instructions. There is no blood contamination or wound care to contend with when used appropriately. I have ordered numerous replacement kits over the years and have always been highly satisfied.”


Jay Rosen, MD

Riverfront Medical Center

“I’ve treated over 100 cases now successfully [with Verruca-Freeze®] including 15-20 cases of mosaic warts. One wart I am treating was the size of a quarter and is now 1/3 the original size. The patient is so thankful! I prefer Verruca-Freeze® to surgery now that I am experienced. In fact, it is the best procedure for warts under the metatarsals since they can’t be injected easily. I don’t have time to publish my method; I see 200 patients per week.”


R. Goosens, DPM

Canada Podiatrist

“I previously used liquid nitrogen for all cryotherapy, which was expensive to maintain. I then tried a portable system which was convenient but didn’t give me satisfactory results. Verruca Freeze is very cost-effective and gave me excellent results.”


Racquel Quema

Sun Valley Health Center 

“Used for 10 years works great!”


Dori Thomas MD

AAP San Francisco 2010 

“Significantly better than the competition!”


John Thygeson MD

AAP San Francisco 2010 

“I have been using your cryosurgery product, Verruca-Freeze® since it was first introduced to the veterinary market. At this point I have successfully treated hundreds of adenomas and similar small skin growths on both dogs and cats. I find your product to be very easy to use and subsequently very profitable.”


A. W. Broadbent, DVM

Brevard Animal Hospital, P.C. 

“I have been using Verruca-Freeze® for a wide variety of skin lesions, and greatly prefer it over all the handling issues of liquid nitrogen.”


Eric Wesson

East Hills Dermatology

“We have used this product several times with great results. The kids tolerate it well!”


Beth Jackson, MD

Pediatric Medicine of Cartersville 

“I have found that Verruca-Freeze® has made office visits more efficient for myself, as well as the patients. The outcome of treatments have all been successful.”


William Mochizuki, MD

Community Medical Providers 

“Our providers are very pleased to have the ability to do cryosurgery at the clinic sites. In the past, the prospects of having to use liquid nitrogen made cryosurgery economically prohibitive in our migrant clinics.”


V.P. Marsh

Rural Health Clinics, California 

“Verruca-Freeze® is a revolutionary way to treat benign lesions.


Anonymous Pediatrician


“All of our doctors are using Verruca-Freeze® now. Our surgeon uses it primarily, but it’s so easy for our internist to use when he’s with a patient. We don’t have to wait for our surgeon and we don’t have to bring out the big cryo unit.”


P. Duncan

Multi-Specialty Group Practice, Martin, Tennessee 

“We spent $500/year to fill the liquid nitrogen tank and treat only 1-2 lesions per week. Verruca-Freeze® is more cost-effective for us.”



Family Physician, New York