New Verruca-Freeze users, please take our survey for $25 off your purchase of a TKIT (40 Freeze Kit) and a free CryoBag®! This is a total value of $215 for only $160.

TKITs include:

  • 120ml Canister (40 Freezes)
  • 15 CryoBuds®
  • 3 CryoCones®
  • Extender Tube
  • Practice Pad
  • Literature Sheets
  • Instruction Manual

Once you have completed the survey, please contact us at (615) 354-0414 to place your order.

This offer is available for new Verruca-Freeze® customers, who are interested in purchasing an entry level kit. Current Verruca-Freeze® users, please contact your distributor to purchase a Verruca-Freeze® Kit or Replacement Canister.


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