We are anxious to co-partner with your organization. Currently, we are providing product brochures free of charge to distributors who request to include in a shipment or send to your sales representatives. We are absolutely committed to co-partnering with your business in any way possible.


CryoSurgery, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality, lowest cost per freeze, portable Cryosurgical Systems in the world, and we want your Company to benefit from all of our marketing efforts to bring in new customers for your business to grow. Please feel free to email us any recommendations of how we can better work together with your business.


Distributors: Please call or email us if your contact number has been changed or your Company’s name has been inadvertently omitted.

We are proud to offer a list of the distributors currently in compliance with our company policy of selling Verruca-Freeze® products at list price or less.

US Medical Distributors

DocSavings.com (888) 362-7282
Medical Resources (800) 860-4716

US Podiatry Distributors

Gill Podiatry (800) 321-1348
Krasity’s (800) 537-1392
Medline (800) 633-5463


US Veterinary Distributors

Merritt Veterinary Supplies Inc. (800) 845-0411
Midwest Veterinary Supply (800) 643-9378
MWI Veterinary Suppy (800) 824-3703