Premier CryOmega® is a disposable device that delivers a direct application of liquid nitrous oxide to freeze lesions for removal. Cartridges have a short shelf life after puncturing and do not transfer between devices. CryOmega® touts a convenient and effective direct application of nitrous oxide at an economic price point. However, CryOmega® is a considerably higher priced form of cryosurgery, has only a six month to one year shelf life once activated, and still involves exposure to nitrous oxide.

Extremely high cost per freeze: $14.17 – $21.25 Low cost per freeze: [cpf_range]
Cannot reuse the product after six month to one year cartridge shelf life Can reuse canisters for more than six years until empty – different size canisters offer from 40 to 300 freezes
Low number of uses per cartridge High number of freezes per canister
Short cartridge shelf life of 6 months to one year once activated Due to our positive shutoff valve, Verruca-Freeze has an indefinite shelf life if it is stored in a cool location

*Offer available for new Verruca Freeze customers only. Current Verruca Freeze users please contact your distributor for purchase of our products.