Miltex CryoSolutions offers a Kit-based device for delivery of Nitrous Oxide which allows the clinician to freeze and destroy unwanted tissue. Requires purchase of kit that includes unit, cartridge, one 1mm tip, and tip protector. Additional larger or specialized tips must be purchased separately at around $300 each. Cartridges have about 45 six second treatments, on average.

Expensive equipment to purchase up-front No expensive equipment to purchase or maintain
Requires regular and ongoing purchase of expensive refill cartridges Zero maintenance required
Low number of uses per cartridge Many sized canisters offered, ranging from 40 to 300 freezes
Short cartridge shelf life once punctured Due to our positive shutoff valve, Verruca-Freeze has an indefinite shelf life if it is stored in a cool location
*Offer available for new Verruca Freeze customers only. Current Verruca Freeze users please contact your distributor for purchase of our products.