The makers of CryoProbe® offer a similar method of cryosurgery as the makers of CryOmega®, but at an even higher price. With a price point comparable to most complete liquid nitrogen systems, users of CryoProbe® will have to pay high start-up costs up to 3,000, and regular purchases of expensive replacement cartridges thereafter, while still having exposure to Nitrous Oxide in the office.

Expensive equipment to purchase – up to $3000 No costly up front purchase
Requires repeated purchases of expensive replacement cartridges Requires zero maintenance
Low number of uses per cartridge Many canister options from 40 – 300 freezes
Short cartridge shelf life – Evaporates a few weeks after punctured. Due to our positive shutoff valve, Verruca-Freeze has an indefinite shelf life if it is stored in a cool location
Only up to 120 seconds of freeze time per 8g cartridge Many different sized canisters provide anywhere between 40 – 300 freezes
Warranty: Unknown. Backed 100% by CryoSurgery, Inc.
*Offer available for new Verruca Freeze customers only. Current Verruca Freeze users please contact your distributor for purchase of our products.