CryoPen® requires a hefty up-front investment to switch from liquid nitrogen to a gas-free alternative. The inclusion of a large refrigeration unit, coupled with time-consuming pre-surgical device preparation makes CryoPen® more of a hassle than a help. The up-front costs for CryoPen® can reach five figures; all this for a cryosurgery system that isn’t fully portable and requires the extra expense of electricity for the chilling well. Treat with Verruca-Freeze in less time than it takes to prepare for a CryoPen procedure! Verruca-Freeze® offers the most ease of use and highly effective cryosurgery at a reasonable rate.

Expensive equipment to purchase, including large chilling well Economic up front purchase and refills
Ongoing costs for electricity Low up-front cost and refills
Daily maintenance required for the chilling well Due to our positive shutoff valve, Verruca-Freeze has an indefinite shelf life if it is stored in a cool location
Relies on electricity, dependent on location of chilling well Completely portable to offsite locations and satellite clinics
*Offer available for new Verruca Freeze customers only. Current Verruca Freeze users please contact your distributor for purchase of our products.