Brymill Cry-Ac® is a popular liquid nitrogen solution for cryosurgery that requires a liquid nitrogen storage tank for use with a handheld cryogun. Large clinics may find it convenient, however, many small practices will encounter exorbitant fees, cumbersome equipment, the need for extensive training of the staff, and evaporation issues with liquid nitrogen. Consists of Handheld unit for medical and veterinary cryosurgery as well as industrial applications of liquid nitrogen. Here’s how Brymill Cry-Ac® stacks up next to Verruca-Freeze®:

Expensive equipment to purchase including liquid nitrogen tanks and cryogun No expensive equipment to purchase
Upfront costs in excess of $2,000, ongoing costs to refill liquid nitrogen tank Upfront costs anywhere from $245 to $899
Requires regular liquid nitrogen tank refills and periodical replacement of nozzles for the cryogun Requires zero maintenance
Evaporation issues – up to 3% per day for liquid nitrogen Due to our positive shutoff valve, Verruca-Freeze has an indefinite shelf life if it is stored in a cool location
Extended training required before use No classes, hazmat fees, or certifications necessary to use
Requires special delivery of liquid nitrogen Non-flammable and environmentally friendly (no CFCs)
*Offer available for new Verruca Freeze customers only. Current Verruca Freeze users please contact your distributor for purchase of our products.